At Longwall Ventures we invest in innovative start up and early stage businesses in the healthcare, science and engineering sectors.

Our interests are diverse, but often in areas where we have existing knowledge and interest.

Investments to date range from medical devices to new measurement or instrumentation techniques, from space to big data. We invest in companies that have the potential to disrupt an existing market or gain a material share of a new market, with a preference for B2B opportunities rather than consumer products.

Most of our historical investments have been pre-revenue, sometimes even backing a new technology or inventor before a company exists. At this stage, there is much uncertainty and many assumptions that need to be tested, with much to learn about the technology and the potential markets. We see this as an ongoing discovery-based process and like to be part of that journey. Most of our successful exits have arisen following an informed switch in strategies, so we like to back companies with a range of options open to them which can become ‘Plan Bs’.

We are currently investing the £75m Longwall 3 ECF, which will typically invest up to £5m over time in any individual company, often starting with small, seed investments.